St.Thomas Ashram

Society of the Missionaries of St. Thomas, a registered charitable society formed in 1994 having its social activities based in Attappady an undeveloped tribal region in Palakkad District of Kerala, India.

Our exclusive motive is service to humanity especially the tribals who live in utter misery and to labor for the salvation of the poorest of the poor, .those who are below the poverty line, without any discrimination of caste or faith. Committed to express the love taught and practiced by our Lord Jesus Christ, we move forward to love the unattended down trodden and do all that is possible to give them a better living atmosphere. Humble was our beginning, in a single thatched shed in the mountainous region with limited resources. But courage instilled by faith in an all powerful God we moved on and continue to move on!

The Beginning

Great visionaries do have an inner calling and they act accordingly and reach higher realms. His holiness Baselios Marthoma Didymas I, Catholicos of East and Malankara Metropolitan is such a visionary, who rose to heights of glory by his austere and prayerful life. When the world sleeps, he is on kneels to crave and yearn for all especially for the people whom God has put under his direct care and protection. His meticulous life style and sagacious actions are acclaimed world over.

Rev. Fr. M.D. John and Rev.Fr. S.Paul were his most devoted disciples both of them considered it as their privilege to have got a deep rooted place in their Guru’s mind and strived hard to accomplish their most revered spiritual Father’s dream. Attappady Ashram is the outcome of this…

To bridge out the wide gap between the project in the paper and the actual accomplishment in the field, is really an uphill task-Recalls Rev. Fr. M.D. John, who is the present Director of the Ashram. But for the providence of God, they could not have obtained the mental and spiritual strength to overcome the obstacles. God carried him through out the days of turmoil.

Adventurous were the days for Rev.Fr. S.Paul at Attappady. a life in a dingy thatched shed that has only bamboo mats on all four sides, that too in the midst of almost a forest area. Yet, Rev.Fr. S.Paul & Rev. Fr. John. braved all dangers sharing their shed, anticipating attacks of wild animals and poisonous reptiles any minute. In the dim light of candle, they would share a scanty meal at night after the day’s hard labour; thanking God for providing that itself in the midst of odds. God the Almighty kept both of them in his safe palm. Their consistent work paid off and a footing for missionary and charity works was made. And these two souls one in Christ shared all the scorns hurled at them from far and near.

Today after twelve years, since its inception in 1994, they modestly say that God did everything and they were only tools in his hands. St. Thomas Ashram runs many institutions like the Balabhavan, Snehabhavan, the Mission Hospital, A school etc.

We knew adversity always present opportunities. We signed an unlettered working partnership with Christ- our savior so that there could be clarity of thought in selfless action where there could be no chance of confusion, failure or Melancholy. And our prayer is always “O Lord, Keep our lamp burning” (PSALM. 18:28)

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