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St.Thomas Orthodox Mission Hospital & STOMH Clinic

Attappady a very underdeveloped area due to its aloof geographic location was in desperate need of a hospital as the Government hospital of Palakkad was located far away and patients in urgent need of medical help were suffering. The need for the Hospital arose during the cholera epidemic which took many lives in Attappadi. The hospital offers free treatment for the economically backward people. STOMH clinic was established in 2003 a Goolikkadavu town.

There was a large incidence of maternal and infant deaths due to malnourishment, unhygienic living conditions and this was in turn due to poverty, ineffectiveness of the health services provided by the government and the tribal people's inaccessibility to it. The tribal people do not emerge out of the forests and they find it hard to adjust to the life outside forests. They hardly ever come to the hospital. This necessitates reaching out to them by going to their hamlets. Under the auspices of our 15 bedded hospital, we conduct free Medical and Dental camps at different hamlets. It still remains somewhat hazardous to reach out to them as some are yet to come out from the clutches of superstitions.

The 15 Bed Hospital was incepted in 2000 aptly called the “Marubhoomiyilae Neerurava” (An oasis in the desert) was formed with the basic infrastructure for the urgent treatment of the Adivasis. The hospital includes a Dental Clinic and X-ray Unit. The Adivasis and people from economically backward sections are treated totally free of charge and medicines are also given free.

Love of humanity, are the key words at St. Thomas mission hospital. The dedication of volunteers who organize the outreach medical camps is to be saluted. They are the ones who find the place to hold the camp, inform the people and make it possible for the doctors and hospital staff to arrive and within minutes set up a clinic and treat large numbers of people in the short amount of time available. We also salute the doctors and nursing staff who have made a decision to work amidst the tribals in the forest areas. It is this decision that supports our work and, ultimately, touches the lives of many tribals.

A Private Hospital having commercial outlook is an economically viable proposition, but not so, a Mission hospital run on charity. The basic and underlying policy being charity, here medicines, investigation and treatment are offered free of cost to the have-nots and hence it could hardly be economically viable. But it is run as our other institutions by contributions offered by philanthropists the world over. A special mention to STOC at Bahrain is to be made as they are very much instrumental for the construction of the hospital.

The main features of the hospital are:
Lab, X-ray, Dental X-ray, ECG, Pharmacy facilities
Free Medical/Dental/Eye/ Blood grouping camps
To be a source of help in exigencies, epidemics and natural calamities.
Ambulance Service
To implement health awareness and create a healthy society

Much needs to be done for the development of the hospital such as a Gynaec. wards, Labour room and procurement of modern instruments etc. But our needs have been presented to our Father in Heaven as we had been doing all these years. Our graph of progress would never stoop or bend for it is being maintained by the unseen power. Once we obtain the Gynaec ward we could serve thousands of people as there is no such facility within a radius of 25 km.

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